GARDIMAN was created in 1980 when Farriol learnt to listen to the "genius locci" from the place.

"I concieve the design of a garden as the result of a process of understanding the space geographically limited by its environment and some physical elements with their proportions, shapes and light.

This space must be looked after, listened and sensed. As well as we have to add the customer´s needs, priorities to start the gardening creation."

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This 15000m2 garden is more than 25 years old. Some nature species were kept as mastic, savins to build architectural elements by pruning them to contrast these shapes with other species to lead the way to the prairie.

2000m2 garden with a south-west orientation subjected to east winds. Built in 1992 some extension has been done. The chosen vegetation tolerates the sea saltiness .

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6000 m2 open to the four cardinal points. It recieves the sun light all day long except the sides of the house facing north. This situation forces to choose a vegetation which resists shadow in winter and the sun in summer so that there was blooming in each season and with a minimum of plants. It was projected with the idea to create multiple spaces separated by ways and paths, which invite us to walk all over the garden. Its construction started in 2011.

1500 m2 little garden with more than 20 years. Built on a cliff facing south-west and protected from north thanks to the slope from the entrance to the house. Some pine trees have been cut down to gsin more space and light in the garden.

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Sa Penya Alta, 1200 m2 garden, facing west. Built in 1995-96. The prairie was enlarged spreading some earth on a slope filled up with debris coming from the demolition of a part of the house. This debris had to be fixed up with polyethyne geonets on which some big breakwater stones were settled down. Geotextil was used to fix the earth among the rocks and to avoid the overflow of pine trees. After this work, some plants and vegetation were plant between the holes of the rocks.

Casa Mónica. 1000 m2 garden. Built in 1997 in an unbanized area where many cypress trees were plantes many years ago and which determined the pecularity of the zone. It is a flat garden, although a part of it had to be filled up to get a perspective that fitted in with the distance of the cypress tress as an end of the garden, giving the feeling of a huge space.

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Garden with a pond in San Rafael.
The customer wanted a garden with two ponds in a "feixa" in front of the house, one reserved for tortoises and the other for fish. He also wanted a space to walk with terraces to enjoy the whisper of the water and the essence of vegetation.

Can Verdal. 500 m2 garden, a peasant house without enclosures, with a zoysia tenuifolia praerie and with a no presumptuous vegetation getting a scene which melts with its environment in a very natural

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Cana Pepa. Little garden in the country. Very pleasant and flowery.

Puig des Molins

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Can Verdera

Litte garden in a detached house in Cap des Farallo, Sta Eulalia. Built in 2003 and enlarged in 2013.

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